Adelaide Carpenter

I'm currently wrestling with confirming and extending the analysis of a large number of mutations that suppress the female sterility of heterozygous polo Scant/+ +. Areas of interest: Genetics of mitosis and meiosis Genes of interest: any that interact with polo and Scant, singly or in combination Recent Publications: Archambault, V., Zhao, X., White-Cooper, H., Carpenter, A.T.C., Glover, D.M., 2007 Mutations in Drosophila Greatwall/Scant reveal its roles in mitosis and meiosis and interdependence with Polo kinase. PLoS Gen. 3(11): e200. Carpenter, Adelaide T.C., 2009 The Joys of Truly Joint Research, With the Great Translocation Hunt As an Example. Genetics 182: 929-934.

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